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You know who you are, but I'll throw you on here anyway. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you shouldn't be here looking!

I'm sorry if I didn't put u in here! It only gave me 3 spaces to work with.

Girl u r the best! We have too many good times to count! like at the hockey game when u held up that sign and no one else would, and after the game when we were waitin outside and "he" came out and slipped on the ice! LOL that was the bomb! "does hockey play hockey?" "I WANNA BE A DUCKY!!!" although ur so slow, u SHOULD be a turtle! lol AND THE FUN SONGS!!!!  and spider! And in wal*mart when we followed the guy w/ the tag on his hat! And u wearing that batman mask! TOO FUNNY!!! And ur many quates...lmao! Keep the good times rollin bud! <3 ya

Jess/Little Langm;-) haha
I am sooo glad u came to Ferndale! I can tell u like ne thing! We have so many good times. Like at the baseball games and walkin to the Deli and stuff. Member that time we were walkin my dog and I flipped those guys off? That was funny! MALIBUE BARBIE!! lol! And "Get some clothes on!" We HAD clothes on! Just not alot!!! lmao! <3ya forever girl!!!


Lexi Leigh

Lexi u sooo rock!!! That scared the living shit outa me! although my shit doesnt live...:-/" lmao! Ur party was the best! Like when we pantsed BB and threw her shorts on the roof and ur dad had to come and get them!!! And who could forgt "Goood morning sunshiiiine!!!" haha. Many good times and more to come <33 ya forever